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Oh hey! :heart: I actually saw that ~darkfeatheredwings chose to critique this for PIF and I thought I'd write a critique as well. I think I ...

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Rearrange and Refocus

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 16, 2014, 9:21 PM

This evening, I've been taking care of business I've been putting off for a VERY long time: truly cleaning up my gallery on dA.

Some deviations have been moved to storage--mostly very personal things I've decided I don't want online right now, also some things that are older and don't reflect me as a writer/person anymore.  I haven't gotten rid of ALL my old writings, however, because I think it's important not to forget where you came from.  MOST of my old writings are now in a folder in my gallery called "Old Stuff."  This is mostly lit written in 2011-2012, but I also moved a few pieces from 2013 over.  More recent writings are in the "Poetry," "Prose," and "Collaborations" folders.  I also deleted all the extraneous sub-folders I had before and created a folder for older pieces (and some more recent pieces) I'm planning on editing and updating in the near future.  I think my simplified gallery folders will be easier for me to keep up with, and hopefully they will be for my watchers and visitors to my gallery, as well.

I'm doing all this for a few reasons:
:bulletblue: For the sake of minimalism, which I'm applying to numerous aspects of my life.
:bulletblue: I'm focusing more of my energy on writing and my online presence--I want this to be the focus of my life again.
:bulletblue: I've changed immensely as a writer and as a person over the 3-ish years I've had this account (and even more over the 6-ish years I've been on dA)
:bulletblue: I want my profile on dA to appear more professional and be easier to navigate.
:bulletblue: A clean profile and gallery is MUCH more fun to work with!

As for my writing, I'm going to be focusing much more on prose for now.  It's what I really love doing.  I'm working on a novel, and I want to write more short stories.  I'll still write some poetry, but I expect it will be a very occasional thing.  Stories take me a LOT longer to write, so I won't be posting tons and tons of deviations, but I'm going for quality over quantity.  Prose also tends to get fewer views and comments, so I'd like to stress how much it means to me if you comment on anything I write--critiques and constructive criticism are best, but even a "Nice job!  I enjoyed X!" lets me know that someone is at least reading to the end and not simply seeing it's longer than a paragraph or two and giving up.

Some projects I'm working on or hoping to start soon:
:bulletblue: My novel, which, sorry, most of you won't see ANY of any time soon.
:bulletblue: The 100 Memories Project: HundredMemories 
:bulletblue: Naktarra 's 50 Prompt Challenge: surrealcachinnation.deviantart…
:bulletblue: (As always) the New Artist Highlight at LitRecognition along with the lovely draecana (posted monthly)

If you know of any other challenges or contests going on, please let me know!  Even if I don't end up participating, I like to know what's out there.  I'm also happy to promote things in my journal posts.  :heart:

I'm also hoping to get more involved in the lit community again.  I'm still working with lacoterie and LitRecognition, but I'd really like to do more as an individual, too.  I don't want to commit to a schedule just yet, but it's something I have in mind for the future.  A number of my friends here do weekly articles and features and I would love to get into something like that.  But not until I've got my life a bit more together.  I've recovered (almost) fully from my long episode of depression, but I still need to work on some underlying problems now that I'm healthy, or it'll just come back again.  It might anyway, but I figure if I have less crap that bothers me while I'm 100%, it won't be AS bad when I'm feeling down.

So far as my personal life, I'm doing pretty well.  My birthday is just around the corner (oh my GOD, I'm going to be 22, I swear I was a kid a month or two ago).  I have a couple friends coming for a weekend right after my birthday, which I'm really looking forward to.  I'm looking into volunteer opportunities here in town to get some experience for when I try to look for employment again.  John suggested volunteering at the library and I'd consider that as a career possibility.  What I really want to do is teach, but continuing my education still doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon.  I could become certified to substitute teach, but I'd still need a degree to become a full time teacher.  I'd love to teach high school English.  Do that and write.  And read.  I've been on a nonfiction kick, and I just finished Quiet by Susan Cain today.  It was a great read, and I recommend it to anyone who's interested in reading about introversion and extroversion.  I'd be happy to discuss it if any of you have also read it, or read it in the future.

We're still hoping to make our big move to Washington state next year sometime.  Today we planned a route to drive there.  We'll be passing through a lot of cities I've always wanted to visit.  I'm really excited.  Our car is on its last legs and we'll be replacing it very soon.  I just don't know when exactly this trip is going to happen.  We'll need to save up for it.  In the meantime, we're going to Disney World in mid-December with John's parents, so at least we have that to look forward to.  I've been in desperate need of a real vacation.  And BOY am I excited to visit Epcot as an adult who's old enough to drink.  :giggle:

What have all you lovely people been up to?  As always, I love to hear from you!

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